iBio, Inc. (IBIO) Announces No Opposition on Bio-Defense Product Patent in Europe Following Expiration

iBio, Inc. (NYSE: IBIO) announced it received notice from the European Patent Office that the opposition period expired for a bio-defense product patent granted to iBio, and no opposition was filed.

The patent, entitled “Yersinia Pestis Antigens, Vaccine Compositions and Related Methods” (European patent EP 2178558), includes claims covering plague antigens fused to a thermostable protein such as the Company’s iBioModulator ” thermostable immunomodulator, as well as vaccine compositions and a method for producing the antigen.

“This is an important extension of our commercial platform,” said Robert Erwin, iBio’s president. “We expect our success with vaccine and therapeutic product candidates for use against serious infectious disease agents with weapon potential, such as plague bacillus, to be of interest to governments and companies engaged in supplying disease countermeasures.”

Source: www.streetinsider.com

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